MyStatBox is the best basketball stats software for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Version 1.1

Get the best basketball stats app for FREE! Easily keep stats of your favorite player, son or daughter, or even a single team. Watch our video and join us on Facebook to participate as we keep getting better. You might even win something...

  • Finally, a basketball stats app even your grandma can use.
  • Nice, BIG buttons for fat fingers like mine.
  • Email your game stats to all your fans.
  • Oh yeah... it's completely FREE!
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 2.2 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection sometimes required.

Want to keep stats for every player on your team?

Check out StatTown, our awesome iPad app for every basketball coach. Hurry and join the pilot to help make sure the app is something you will love and to get the app for free!

Save your game and email it to family and friends.

BIG buttons… so simple to use. Check out the clean and beautiful layout.

Unlimited undo to recover from mistakes while entering stats.

Very helpful app. This makes tracking your player's stats easy. The buttons are all big enough so that it's easy to hit the one you want.

- Reed Olsen

FINALLY!!! I looked forever for an app to keep track of my son's stats. I spent about $10 before I found this free one. Great screen for inputting data on the fly during a game. It's easy to email mom and family. Wish I had found this first! GET IT NOW!

- Branion Blank

Very easy. Very fast. Very user friendly. I don't miss the game while keeping stats. Simple yet has all the info I need. And you save and email or text to the fans. Try it!

- CT Evan

Great app! Very useful! A must have for the avid basketball fan.

- Sam Marshall
Where can I get support?

Facebook is the best channel to ask questions and get support.

Can I submit a feature request?

Yes! Put it on our Facebook wall. I really want to hear what you would like to have in the app.

What does "To" and "PF" stand for?

"To" is for turnover, not time out. "PF" is for personal foul. See the guide page for all the categories.

Is more on the way?

Most definitely. Join us on facebook to get the latest news and win prizes!

Are you thinking Android?

Actually I am, but that will probably be a while down the road. Let me know if you really want MyStatBox for Android and maybe it'll come sooner.

Will MyStatBox always be free?

I can guarantee it is free now. So why not get it now?

About MyStatBox

I've always been a sports nut. In college, I took a mobile development class and made this for my semester project. That means MyStatBox is actually my first, and still only, iPhone app in the app store. After graduating and moving to San Antonio, I'm back at it again, and more is on the way.

MyStatBox is designed to be a super simple basketball stats keeping software. It is intended for individual stat keeping, but could technically be used to track a team as a whole. I have some ideas that I want to slowly add, so keep an eye open. Please let me know what you would like to see.

Another buddy and I are also working on a larger and more complicated app for the iPad targeted at coaches to keep track of every player on their team. It is called StatTown and is still being developed. If you are interested in StatTown, let me know and I'll sign you up to pilot test it for us, and you will get the app for free as a thank you.

One Man Team

MyStatBox Features

So Easy to Use

Big buttons, a beautiful screen, and your last entry highlighted in yellow makes it so easy to keep stats. MyStatBox is the perfect app to simply keep track of all the main statistical categories for your player's game.

Save and Share Your Game

When you press save, a screenshot will be taken and saved in your photos folder. From there, you can email your proud mom or send it to your friends for some trash talking.

Unlimited Undo

Accidentally press a wrong button? Or was a play called off by the ref? You can undo all the way to the beginning of the game with the last entry removed indicated in red.

MyStatBox Releases

MyStatBox 1.1

Released on 03/19/10
  • New: Save your game as a screenshot and email it to anyone.
  • New: Unlimited Undo - now you can undo all the way to the beginning of the game.
  • New: Highlights the last stat tracked in yellow and the last undo in red.
  • New: App Analytics - so I can learn how many people are using the app.
  • Fixed: Removed foul limit so a team can be tracked and not only individuals.
  • Fixed: Only requires 3.0 firmware now, so more people can download and use the app.

MyStatBox 1.0

Released on 03/08/10
  • Wahoo! It made it in the app store.

MyStatBox Button Guide

  • Made field goal. Above this button is the field goals made - attempted.
  • Missed field goal.
  • Made three point field goal. Above this button is the three point field goals made - attempted.
  • A three point field goal is also a field goal. This is automatically reflected in the field goals made - attempted.
  • Missed three point field goal.
  • Made free throw. Above this button is the free throws made - attempted.
  • Missed free throw.
  • Rebound. When the player gets the ball after a missed shot.
  • Assist. When the player passes the ball to a teammate who then scores.
  • Steal. When the player takes the ball from the opposing team.
  • Block. When the player deflects an opponents shot attempt.
  • Turnover. When the player loses the ball to the other team by rules violation, offensive foul while having the ball, passing the ball out of bounds, or having the other team steal it from them.
  • Personal Foul. When the player commits a foul. A technical foul is also a personal foul (except in the NBA).
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